Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for the A23 Boutique Hotel website:
This is the official website of the A23 Boutique Hotel Hotels Ltd(reg. no. 515512628).
Our location is 23 Arlozorov Street, Tel Aviv, Israel.
The website complies with the PCI DSS security criteria.

For reservations, you may also dial +972-3-9191018. Each one of our guests, making reservations on this website declares that he has read the terms of use and that he agrees to all terms and conditions contained there, and that he and/or any party acting on his behalf will have no claim and/or demand and/or suit directly and/or indirectly against the website and/or the Hotel and/or any party acting on its behalf, including matters connected to making the reservation and completing the details related to the reservation and any matters related to redeeming the reservation.

We kindly ask all our guests making reservation on this site to enter personal details, including their passport or Israeli ID number and a valid credit card number. The hotel managment undertakes to uphold the reservation subject to the submission of this information. Entering false personal details will result in legal action against the person who entered the details, including claims for damages that may be caused to the website and/or the Hotel and/or any third party acting on its behalf.

Credit card details are solely requested through the website for the purposes of securing a reservation. We do not charge the credit card until the guest arrives to the Hotel and checks in, except in the event of the non-appearance of the guest or Non-Refundable reservations according to hotel's cancellations policy.
However, the Hotel reserves the right to ascertain that the credit card number provided is valid and to receive prior authorization from the credit card company for an amount equal to the value of the reservation.

At the end of the online reservation process, the guest will receive an automatic e-mail message confirming the reservation. our guest is required to print this message and present it on arrival at the Hotel reception.

Terms & Conditions
1. All rates quoted on the English website are provided in U.S. Dollars per night, Israeli Passport holders must add VAT as per law. This law is valid to all clients especially those holding dual nationality who will be entering Israel with their Israeli passports.
2. The reservation covers the period from 3:00 pm on the day of arrival until 12:00 pm on the day of departure. Arrival and/or departure times that fall outside this aforementioned period are subject to prior approval by the Hotel management and an additional charge.
3. infant – 0- 2 years of age. "Child" –2-12 years.
4. Only adults over the age of 18 are eligible to make reservations through the website. Children and young people under the age of 18 may only stay in the Hotel when accompanied by an adult over the age of 21.
5. All pictures shown on this website are solely for illustrative purposes and do not oblige the hotel and/or the Hotel in any way.
6. The hotel will avoid, to the greatest extent possible, sharing the user's personal details with third parties unless it is compelled to do so by a court order or if it faces the threat that legal measures (criminal or civil) will be taken against it for actions the user has performed on the hotel’s website. In this case, the hotel is authorized to hand over the personal details to the party claiming to have been harmed by the user, or in accordance with a court order.
7. The user declares that he is aware that, by entering the purchase details, he will be included in the hotel’s database. The hotel will be permitted to use the purchase details in order to improve the services it offers users of the website, as well as making contact with the user via regular mail, e-mail, and any other communication methods, and to adjust the website to his personal needs and preferences. except, as said in article G
8. The information presented on this website is "as is", and the Company is not responsible for adapting the information for the user's needs, and cannot be held responsible for the user's inability to use the website for any reason. The user alone bears responsibility for the way in which he uses the information.
9. Cancellation Policy

Cancellation fees:
A reservation may be cancelled up to 72 hours prior to the scheduled arrival date without incurring any penalty.
A guest who cancels a reservation less than 72 hours prior to the scheduled arrival date will be charged for the total amount of the reserved room, according to the board determined in the reservation.
If the reservation is nonrefundable, the total price of the booking will be charged on the day of booking and it is non-refundable, with no option to cancel or modify the reservation.

The guest will be charged via the credit card provided in the system.

Any dispute and/or legal proceeding related to use of the website and/or staying at the Hotel will be resolved under the statutes and laws of the State of Israel and the exclusive jurisdiction of the relevant courts of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel.