The Hidden Gems You Have to Visit in Tel Aviv

Every city has its hidden gems – those fabulous places that only a very few of the most hip locals know about. Add these under the radar places to your Tel Aviv itinerary and you’re heading for an amazing, one of a kind vacation.

5 Hidden Gems in Tel Aviv

Whether you’re a foodie, an art lover, a history buff or you just want to have fun, here are a few of Tel Aviv’s best kept secrets. Don’t go spilling the beans, we need to keep these places secret to protect them from the crowds.


Levinsky Market

You might be wondering what’s so unusual about visiting a market, especially while you’re in Israel, isn’t that one of the most usual tourist things to do? And, you would be right, except Levinsky Market isn’t your usual run-of-the-mill market. Located in south Tel Aviv, Levinksy is actually a street lined with fruit and vegetable shops, small ethnic eateries, and spice shops. Levinsky Market is the perfect place to spend an hour or two, buy some exotic spices, coffee, tea and delicious halva and other Middle Eastern treats to take home with you. And while you’re there treat yourself to a delicious ethnic meal at one of the local restaurants.


Street Art

One of the highlights of any visit to Tel Aviv is the Tel Aviv Street Art tour. Tel Aviv is bursting with street art and graffiti, expressing the culture, politics, and geography of the city and its inhabitants. A number of tour guides offer English street art tours through the side streets of Tel Aviv. You’ll absolutely love this colorful tour!



Maybe not one of the city’s most well hidden gem, because as you’ll see when you get there, many of the locals know of this delicious authentic eatery, but it’s (still) not a tourist attraction.

Located in a hole in the wall on Allenby Street, you’ll know you’ve found the place when you see the crowd around the food stall. There might be a long wait, but it’s worth it for the best pita in the Holy Land, stuffed with meat and veggies roasted over a coal grill.
97 Allenby St. 12pm – 2am Sun to Thurs


Halper’s Books

A treasure trove for the book lover. With over 60,000 used English books you can easily spend an afternoon looking through the books, enjoying the smell of old books and the sounds of great jazz music.


UNDER 1000 Art Marketplace

With 3 venues, two of which in Tel Aviv, this is a must visit for anyone who wants to expand their Israeli art collection on a budget.


Betzavta – Israeli dining experience

There is no better way to get to know a city than to get to know its people. Betzavta makes this happen by bringing travelers and locals together through a unique Israeli home hospitality experience. Travelers are matched with hosts who invited you to a home cooked meal where you get to try new foods and make new friends.

After a long day in the city, there’s nothing better than relaxing in a luxury hotel to gather strength for some more sight seeing.

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