a23 Restaurant

Serving a unique bistro-bar menu throughout the day, the a23 (yes, with a little a!) restaurant is where acclaimed Chef Sabina Valdman, of "Game of Chefs" fame, works her culinary magic.

Enjoy the sunny street ambiance at an outdoor table, or settle in for some quiet relaxation by the bar. The bustling a23 restaurant features an elegant ambiance and exquisite design that are a natural extension of the a23 hotel concept, bringing to mind trendy European brasseries.

Executive Chef Sabina Waldman's famous creative touch made her a national celebrity on Israel's top cooking show, "Game of Chefs." Now guests and locals alike can savor her artisanal selection of special drinks and dishes throughout the day, from delicious Mediterranean breakfasts with a cosmopolitan twist, to satisfying dinners and exclusive cocktails.

A23 guests are also invited to place their orders from the hotel's "Secret Garden" – a tranquil sitting area away from the street at the back of the hotel. It's simply the perfect place to enjoy a quiet meal while catching up on the news or relaxing after a busy day.